Window Treatment Ideas

Don’t know what window treatments to get this Spring? While florals are always in, have you ever thought about a bright orange or lilac? How about a pea green? I just read an article talking about how you can get the best ideas for window treatments.

“After personally crafting window treatments for her child’s bedroom, RMS user AquaLuxe can officially add seamstress to her list of talents — one that already includes clever decorator and bargain shopper. ”

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Backsplashes for your kitchen

Food and water splashes from the sink and sprays and spills from the stove and countertop constantly wind up on the backsplash; it constantly takes the abuse in the kitchen. So what’s the trick to having a resistant and remarkable backsplash? Find a designer who knows ways to manage it!

When mulling over a backsplash is products and color, the first thing to consider. These are considerable in order to produce a design that sets the tone and expresses the personality in your kitchen. As soon as you’ve determined the difficult part collect your strategies, elevations, countertops, and cabinet surfaces and see your regional tile shop.

Your designer will be worrieded about positioning of switches, outlets and pot fillers. These items can actually detract from the general design. If your border runs through an out let cover it can interfere with the total appearance. Let’s prevent that issue and make sure your electrician locations outlets close to the countertop and horizontal versus vertical.

Switches are always able to be set up in areas that prevent tile, and by making use of plug molding, set up under cabinets and hidden by light rails, it bypasses outlet difficulties. And if a disposer is a must have then install the turn on the countertop!

It’s finest to select material after thinking of all the dimensions so that there are as couple of little tile cuts as possible. The objective is to have tile that works with height measurements in between the countertop and bottom wall cabinets.

The pillowed tile seen right here was hand painted to match the customers fabric colors in the nearby household space. The tiles are 6 x 6 which makes the 18″ high backsplash area smooth without cuts.

Mosaic tiles are another wonderful alternative for a backsplash. The mosaic creates texture and can provide an abundance of color and product options. There are stone, glass, metal, slate, and mixes of these. They are available in different patterns and shapes to develop beautiful blends. Mosaic blends are perfect when there are various height backsplash areas like under the window sill, behind a hood location, along a peninsula and inside an open shelf. (Milwit Backsplash).

Another terrific tile option are hand repainted tiles. Numerous art tile business provide murals, borders, and decorative pieces, all hand made, that can be bought using your color pallet.

Last but not least decorative tiles can work in a backsplash in a wide range of methods. Many Art tile lines offer Crown moldings, borders, ornamental field tiles and dots to make stunning backsplashes.

Finally, glass tiles, a very popular choice for modern kitchen areas, diverse kitchen areas, and the transitional kitchens. The ease of maintenance that glass supplies is a wonderful motivator in picking it. The reflective qualities are an excellent source of light and color and offer a variety of patterns and textures. There are huge contemporary glass tiles as well as mosaic glass tiles; almost anything a consumer might desire.

The tiles are 6 x 6 which makes the 18″ high backsplash location smooth without cuts. Mosaic tiles are another wonderful choice for a backsplash. Another wonderful tile option are hand painted tiles. Numerous Art tile lines offer Crown moldings, borders, decorative field tiles and dots to make lovely backsplashes. There are big modern glass tiles as well as mosaic glass tiles; simply about anything a customer may really want.